The Facts

The polar ice is the air conditioner of our world. It reflects 50% of the sun’s heat away from our planet. (National Ocean Service)

But there is 75% less Arctic sea ice in the summer than there was just 50 years ago. (Yale)

The exposed Arctic water absorbs 90% of the sun’s heat. (National Snow & Ice Data Center)

As a result, parts of the Arctic Ocean are now 4 degrees Celsius too hot. (Yale)

In February 2018, temperatures at the North Pole soared above freezing in the middle of the sunless winter, for the first time in recorded history. (The Guardian)

Arctic oil must stay in the ground if we want to limit global warming to 2C or less. (Nature)

Around the world, 275 million people live in cities that are vulnerable to rising sea levels. (The Guardian;

If we don’t act now, sea level rise will redraw the map of the world and displace billions. (Cornell, Science Daily)

Pulitzer Prize-winning Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson says we must protect 50%50% of the Earth to prevent mass extinction. (Half-Earth Project)

15,000 scientists from 184 countries signed the “Second Warning to Humanity”, summoning all people of the world to make immediate changes to protect life on Earth. Since the letter was published in the fall of 2017, an additional 5000 scientists have signed the letter. (Scientists’ Warning, Oregon State University)

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates the energy equivalent of 346 billion barrels of oil buried offshore and above the Arctic Circle. The United States Environmental Protection Agency tells us that if one barrel of oil is burned, 430 kgs of CO2 is released. Therefore, MAPS prevents up to (346 billion)*(430) = 148 trillion kgs of CO2 from being released. (USGS, EPA)

Arctic soil contains so much methane, it’s equivalent to 2.3 times all the carbon dioxide humanity has emitted since the 1800s. (The Economist)

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