Healthy planet, healthy people

Trading in the short-term greed of a few for the long-term good of all

We’ve exposed environmental dangers and helped create protected areas in Canada. Today, we’re international. From the northernmost reaches of the High Arctic to the vanishing shores of southern seas, Nature calls us louder every day to stand with it. We’re listening to the call.

The successes

In 2010, following the recurring dream of a great blue whale waiting beneath the ice, Parvati gave the northernmost musical performance ever.


In December 2014, upon learning of the threat of seismic testing and oil exploration in Canada’s Arctic, she founded the non-profit Parvati Foundation, dedicated to a healthy planet.

Our first order of business is the realization of MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

Future initiatives include the Global Peace Sanctuary to address hunger and poverty around the world.

Seismic testing

Our extensive grassroots campaign calling on the Canadian government to provide more information about the planned seismic testing off Clyde River, Nunavut, assisted in putting public pressure on the government, the seismic testing consortium and the oil industry. The consortium voluntarily put its testing on hold for two consecutive years before the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2017 to quash the testing permits for good.

Marine protection

We revealed long-expired Shell oil permits in Lancaster Sound in Canada’s Arctic Ocean, triggering national public outcry that prompted Shell to relinquish the permits. Thanks to this, the Canadian government is now moving forward with a marine park in the area, twice the size of Nova Scotia.


Parvati Foundation has allied with environmental leaders Mission Blue, Climate Reality Canada, Blue Ocean Network, Jane Goodall Institute and Oceanic Preservation Society among others.

Almost all core Parvati Foundation staff have been personally trained as Climate Reality Leaders by former US Vice President Al Gore.

Parvati Foundation has played a role in the key events of NGOs like Climate Reality, and Blue Ocean Network.


Through the success of Parvati’s single I Am Light, MAPS has been promoted to millions of listeners on top 40 radio and TV internationally, inspiring people to keep a light footprint on the planet.

We transform the world together.