Solutions to our world’s problems only come when we recognize that we are interconnected. What each one of us does matters. Whether we’re contacting heads of state or taking to the streets in rallies, we know that when we come together, we make a massive difference for all life.

We all need the courage and clarity to pivot from apathy and despair and embrace the possibilities of a light footprint on Earth.

Our world doesn’t have a resource shortage. It has a compassion shortage. And that’s fixable.

Our way forward

We uphold the basic human rights of food, water and shelter, and work toward a peaceful and equitable society.

Our goal is a radical transformation of how we understand our place in the world. We can all prosper – and so can Nature, when we recognize that we are part of an interconnected whole. When we help others, we help ourselves, and all life. MAPS logo with narwhal

MAPS: many issues, one solution

Parvati Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, addresses the human issues of poverty, hunger, health and education, mass migration, water and peace. Protecting the ice of the Arctic Ocean stabilizes global weather patterns before they lead to disastrous crop failure, food and water shortages, sea level rise, and resulting diseases and conflict. Millions of lives hang in the balance. We owe it to them, and to our own nature, to act now.


Discover our approach

We transform the world together.