Parvati is a visionary musician, yogi, author and activist whose lifelong passion is to inspire a healthy world. A Climate Reality Leader personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore, Parvati has allocated a percentage of all her income to reforestation and education access since she began her career. She gave the northernmost musical performance ever in order to raise awareness of the melting polar ice. She founded the nonprofit and now dedicates all her creative work to protect our planet’s vanishing and endangered air conditioning system, the polar ice cap, by swiftly establishing MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

The following creations have been dedicated to the swift realization of MAPS.

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Pure love is the heartbeat of this beautiful and catchy album. Created as a gift to the yoga community, it is a triumphant union of pop, mantra and vocal trance tracks to delight yogis and audiophiles alike. Electro Yog pulses with joyous rhythms, singable melodies, infectiously happy hooks, evocative synths and lush orchestration.


The Yoga In The Nightclub EP is modern alchemy that unites the transformative essence of yoga with enrapturing house music. The English prerelease of the single garnered over 1.3 million plays on Soundcloud. In the cinematic Yoga In The Nightclub music videos, available in English, German, Spanish and French, Parvati introduces the futuristic warrior goddess Durga, whose yogic grooves teach you to transcend the world of duality and enter Sci-Fi Yoga Disco Heaven to encounter her blissful alter ego Shakti. The multilingual versions and remixes of this underground hit remind you to find awakened presence everywhere, even in the nightclub.


A Day in the Life of a Modern Yogi weaves together hooky, radio-ready powerhouse singles with guided meditations and musical interludes for a refreshing, cohesive and brilliantly paced sonic narrative. The album, MC’d by a radio DJ, begins at sunrise and flows from morning practice to the commute to the office, a fast-paced yet mindful workday, and a fun high-energy night out before winding down to peaceful sleep when the DJ signs off. This album just might transform your perception of what it means to be a yogi today.


This pure, honest instant classic soothes the soul, inspires the spirit and floods the heart with love. Its etheric, angelic vocals and symphonic orchestration bring continual waves of goosebumps and feelings of profound peace. Sanctuary pays homage to the times when New Age topped the pop charts, while also initiating a new generation ready to experience mystical wonder. This masterful, oceanic album was written for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary and features guest appearances by Grammy Award-winning musicians who resonate with the cause. Let its angels and mermaids carry you through the deep tides and cresting waves of absolute love.


With lush layers of rapturous, effervescent sounds, juicy beats and soaring vocals, I Am Light is pure, delightful sunshine that ranges from pumping tracks such as Supernova and Star, to timeless uplifting sing-along ballads like Angel, and to the gorgeous 27-minute guided cosmic meditation I Am Golden. I Am Light is a luminous infusion of elation, sonic joy and wonder on every listen.


Laden with crystalline dance-pop songs and timeless, universally appealing ballads, Shanti Om effortlessly imparts ethereal beauty to the pop mainstream with tight danceable beats, sparkling orchestration, catchy melodies, angelic vocals and sing-along hooky choruses. The title track is an instant classic from the first four bars. Love Is The Answer and You Gotta Believe are gorgeous, anthemic love ballads. This radiant album is as fresh and memorable on its thousandth listen as it is on its first. 


Parvati’s wardrobe on YEM DVD1 and DVD2, and on the cover of YEM CD, are from a upcoming all-natural silk yoga clothing line designed and executed by Parvati. Contact for more information.


This gentle yet powerful YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine practice in audio format is a perfect complement to any busy life. Accompanied by a full colour poster to illustrate poses and punctuated by mindfulness meditation chimes, the contents of this CD can be done safely at any level of experience or fitness. Practitioners can return again and again to this rich exploration of ancient yoga poses blended with chi-energy work for profound inspiration, insight, and effective energy realignment.


YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine blends long-forgotten ancient yogic wisdom with traditional yoga poses and chi-kung. It is a unique, refreshing and highly accessible form of yoga, developed by Parvati, an internationally respected yoga instructor and founder of the University of Toronto’s Holistic Education Program. YEM is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. This DVD, the first in a series yet a stand-alone product, focuses on invigorating morning practices that prepare people for busy days.


YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine is a natural complement to any yoga practice, and ideal for anyone interested in finding more wellness, vitality and meaning in their lives. People can unwind after a busy day with YEM DVD 2’s collection of evening and relaxation practices, with shorter routines tailored for fast-paced living. Together with YEM DVD 1, YEM DVD 2 bookends the day with practices designed to boost health, happiness and vitality.

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With the three supreme secrets that Parvati unveils in this powerfully transformative book, you will experience greater joy, abundance and vitality in all aspects of your life. As you engage with its heartfelt anecdotes and practical exercises, you will release all that holds you back from living your truest purpose. Let The 3 Supreme Secrets unlock your path to true, deep and lasting happiness.


With profound insight into our human purpose and the role of yoga, Parvati masterfully guides you to develop awareness of life-force energy through each physical posture and throughout your day for optimum health on all levels. In this first book on YEM, beautifully designed in full colour, you discover your connection with the Earth and the cosmos—not as something mystical or aspirational, but as a tangible and practical reality that serves to anchor and inspire even the busiest of lives.


A series to captivate the reader, cultivate a new sense of what is real and inspire positive change, “Aonani of Avalon” is a nine-part young adult book series about a gifted young girl from the luminous natural realm of Avalon. Before the alien Xennot race arrived, Avalon’s light was part of Earth. Guided by Natamba of the Golden Star, a being from the Novem Light Body that protects the universe, Aonani discovers that she is a bridgewalker destined to find the truth that can reunite Avalon with planet Earth. 


Parvati Magazine, dedicated to MAPS, is a free monthly magazine that gives voice to global new thought leaders in arts, wellness, business and ecology, inspiring passionate changemakers for a better world.

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