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In the seconds it takes you to read these words, tens of thousands of stars have been born across the universe. Trillions of cells have come to life in your body in a profoundly complex, harmonious and interconnected pattern—one that allows you to receive this information in this moment. Every day, every instant, Nature is at work within all that has form.

A vast intelligence weaves through every atom that makes up your cells. Its consciousness forms the ecosystems in which you move. It’s the heartbeat of the planet, the symphonic resonance of the solar system, and the compassion of the universe that carries us all.

Our Superpower is the true story of how Nature’s intelligence guides the work of Parvati Foundation. It is the subject of an upcoming book, one of the first components of Parvati Foundation’s Global Education for MAPS (GEM) strategy. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we will add another section, so keep checking back! To watch the individual segments, click here.