Ocean Anthem

Parvati’s upcoming single
awakening a global movement

Guided by the wisdom of Nature
to speak to the hearts of the world,
Parvati’s Ocean Anthem brings together
music, art, and couture to protect
the waters that give us life.

The Visionary

Since a life-changing trip to the North Pole, the award-winning Canadian musician Parvati set aside her own career plans to become the founder and CEO of the all-volunteer international non-profit Parvati Foundation, and dedicated herself completely to the swift realization of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) to protect all life.

The Dream

MAPS, and subsequently Ocean Anthem, began with Parvati’s recurring dream of lying on ice while a great blue whale waited in the ocean below. This led her to cancel a concert tour in Asia and perform instead at the North Pole. On her way to the top of the world, she was greeted by two Inuit elders who said they had known she would come to do healing for the planet – the whale had told them.

The Cause

MAPS was born from the summons of Nature to protect all life on Earth by safeguarding the Arctic Ocean. As its ice melts drastically and exploitation increases, all our oceans are overheating, countless species there within are sick and threatened, and our brothers and sisters around the world are starving and dying. But we can change this if we take action immediately. The MAPS Treaty literally saves our world by turning the Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle into the largest ocean preserve in history.

The Artist

As an interdisciplinary artist — singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer, costume designer, creative director, author and yogi — Parvati has developed GEM (Global Education for MAPS) by listening to the intelligence of Nature. This vast body of work, encompassing music, words, yoga, video, web and events, moves hearts and inspires action for MAPS. Ocean Anthem is one of the first GEM releases. “My creative process is like taking dictation. I do my best to listen and be of service to the compassionate, conscious presence within Nature and the cosmos.” – Parvati

The Angel

“In the Ocean Anthem music video, the angel Illuminelle is the embodiment of unconditional love. She points to the path of union between humans and Nature. I knew that to portray a being made of light would require a costume not subject to the normal rules of construction. In this case, the challenges were gravity and how to imply the infinite while honouring Nature. I repurposed non-whitened silk from another project. To keep the footprint low, many of the components were upcycled or found objects. At the end of the usable life of this costume, it will be repurposed.”

The Song

An orchestral ballad and call to action for love of life, Ocean Anthem was written and produced by Parvati in her Toronto studio with a heart immersed in the depths of the ocean. “As a little girl, I used to feel I conversed with angels and Nature through music. Now, when I write music, that conversation has become a multidimensional symphonic experience, painting the harmony of the spheres in sonic technicolour.”

The Video

Co-directed with heart, luminosity and vision by Parvati and the multitalented artist and MTV designer Adam Nathan, the Ocean Anthem music video calls you to your own hero’s journey of love for life. It was made possible through the work of underwater cinematographers and a dedicated all-volunteer crew.

  • “It is hugely important to establish the proposed Sanctuary.”


  • “The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary must continue to hold the massive reserves of restless methane within its quiet lonely bosom where sleeping viruses remain safely captive.”

    – Captain Paul Watson
    Founder and CEO, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

  • “The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary is an idea whose time has come, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people behind these efforts.”

    – Dr. Sylvia Earle
    Marine Biologist, National Geographic Explorer-In-Residence, Ocean Elder

  • “MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, is the only sane choice for the critically vulnerable Arctic ecosystem, for the sake of our seas, our atmosphere and all life.”

    – Yvo de Boer
    Former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Artists inspired by Ocean Anthem

These projects show how Ocean Anthem and the Arctic Ocean spark the creative muse around the world.

Art installation
Hagop Ohannessian
Multimedia Artist
We Will Protect You
Jellyfunk Creative
Art & Design studio
Project Runway: The Ocean Anthem Collection
Haute Couture fashion line
Sergio Guadarrama
Eco-conscious fashion designer

Open call to all artists

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