Our dependence on this beautiful blue planet, so small and so unique in the cosmos, is total.
But today, people everywhere are beginning to sense that something is terribly wrong with our shared home.

We can make a massive difference to all life on Earth with very little effort – if we act now.

The key is in the smallest ocean in the world.

Our way forward

Some people see open water as open for business. But others see the oceans as cradles of life, natural sanctuaries that sustain us when we respect them. We’re creating the world’s largest protected area, in the place where it matters most for all life on Earth. MAPS logo with narwhal

MAPS: many issues, one solution

Parvati Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, protects all life by ending exploitation of the critically vulnerable Arctic Ocean ecosystem on which our world depends.


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