We are MAPS supporters from around the world, volunteering to protect the Arctic Ocean for the good of all.

No matter who we are, where we live or what we do, we all depend on a healthy Arctic Ocean.

Our world needs a sanctuary. Together, we are creating the largest one in history!


Birendra Rai (Nepal)

I believe in helping others. I work for community, environment, climate and this world. I am getting people to connect for the future generations and the ocean, by collaborating for MAPS with different NGOs, and organizing programmes in schools and colleges.

David Stevens (England)

I find MAPS irresistible and wholly unique in its combination of a crystal-clear purpose, grandeur of ambition, and intricacy of strategy and planning.

Sergio Guadarrama (USA)

MAPS is providing the education and conversation that are essential to the future of mankind. Celestino stands with MAPS to bring this topic to light, and to help carry the narrative through the language of fashion to push countries to sign the MAPS Treaty.

Omesa Mokaya (Kenya)

MAPS gave me the kind of voice I had never dreamed of before.

Ann Harvey (USA)

I feel honoured to be part of a worldwide community of volunteers uniting to care for Nature, our beloved world, and all of its inhabitants.

Rituraj Phukan (India)

Arctic ice loss impacts are global, manifested in storms, droughts and wildfires. I feel ever more convinced that MAPS is the immediate and effective response to the global ecological and humanitarian crisis.

Renia Pruchnicki (Canada)

Just imagine how our world will be affected when everyone chooses to support MAPS!

Rishi Deva (Canada)

All the skills I had ever learned had come about so that I could pay it forward to serve all life everywhere and be Nature’s son.

Vandana Ryder (Canada)

Through working for MAPS, my legal horizons have broadened in a way that I could never have envisioned when I embarked on my career.

Pranada McBurnie (Canada)

Serving MAPS has transformed my understanding of communication. With every article I write, with every sentence I tweak, I support the voice of something greater than myself.

Pam Bryan (Canada)

As MAPS moves closer to realization, the voice of my soul grows stronger every day.

Uttama Anderson (Canada)

Call me a dreamer, but I envision a day soon when the energy of the trees and the gently blowing flowers will reflect the peaceful, loving and interconnected communities they are thriving in.

Karen Ho (Canada)

MAPS is an extension of my commitment to the Hippocratic Oath that all physicians must take.

Joy Elkayam (Canada)

When I use my voice from my heart and truth, I serve myself and our world.

Adam Nathan (Canada)

Everyone deserves to live in a world that puts Nature first.

Kate Lawrence (Canada)

There is a sign above my classroom door that reads, “Find your voice. Stand behind it. Change the world.” It’s a bold message that applies as much to me as it does the children I teach.

Antonio Potenza (England/Italy)

MAPS gives great satisfaction and meaning to my life, and I will not rest until we achieve our goals.

Maéna Gerault (Canada)

The future of our planet should concern us all. I talk about MAPS as much as I can and also through social media. As a student, I reach out to student clubs to present MAPS, to find ways to spread the word about this beautiful adventure.


Together, We Make History

When we stand united, we can turn our smallest ocean into our greatest strength–and literally, save the world.

From the Great Lakes of Africa to the glaciers of Greenland,
From the banks of the Mississippi to the beaches of Fiji,
MAPS is a voice for the Earth.

From the whale to the caribou, and the puffin to the leopard,
From the oak tree to the orchid, and the silkworm to the bee,
MAPS is a voice for Nature and all her creatures.

From poets to scientists, and farmers to accountants,
From mountains to cities, and deserts to seas,
MAPS is a voice for all occupations and the landscapes we love.

From the innocence of newborns to the wisdom of elders,
From mothers to fathers who parent alone and together,
MAPS is a voice for all ages, gender identities, and lifestyles.

From Buddhism to Christianity, and Hinduism to Islam,
From Atheism to Agnosticism, and Judaism to Shinto,
MAPS is a voice for all belief systems.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do,
No matter the color of your skin, who you vote for, or how you self-identify,
MAPS is a voice for you.

MAPS is a voice for everyone.