A healthy world is possible

Deep down, we all want the same thing: love, kindness and a healthy future. We get stuck when ignorance, anger, apathy or despair get in the way. Addressing the external damage to our ecosystems is the tip of the iceberg. We understand that our ecological emergency is at its core a humanitarian crisis. We must touch hearts and inspire minds—because that’s how lasting change happens.

Our way forward

It’s time to reconnect with our true human potential, the spark behind all the great achievements in our history.

Denial and despair are overrated. We empower people with reasons to hope and tools for positive change.

People have the right to know that there is a simple solution for a massive global problem. That creates the necessary political will for a global shift.

Our founder, Parvati, is a chart-topping, award-winning Canadian musician, yogi, activist and author. Her creative works inspire people to appreciate the fragile state of Nature and our collective responsibility to take care of it.

The global education strategy for MAPS targets the root of our collective crisis. It activates the swiftest, most powerful catalyst for social change: the hearts of humanity. MAPS moves with unique speed through bureaucratic channels because it is a people’s movement, not a political one. It appeals to the highest law of all: the universal law of our interconnection.

Parvati.org MAPS logo with narwhal

MAPS: many issues, one solution

Parvati Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, supports global peace and harmony by stopping the militarization of the Arctic Ocean and bringing world leaders together to protect humanity as a whole.

MAPS gives all countries a voice. Small island developing states and climate vulnerable nations have done the least to cause the loss of ice in the Arctic Ocean, yet are the most at risk from its catastrophic effects. They – and we all – have the right to a healthy world with MAPS.


Parvati as Illuminelle in Ocean Anthem

Music moves

Music is the universal language. It transcends borders and cultures, speaks to the heart and sparks the imagination. It has the power to transform societies and awaken an unstoppable call to action. The music of our creative content touches hearts, cools minds and awakens love for a healthy world. Through public service announcements and guaranteed radio play through our media partners, it brings awareness to MAPS. We’re bringing MAPS to the radio waves.

Parvati.org Yogis Unite for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

Yoga unites

Yoga is to attune our mind, body and spirit to our inherent unity with all that is. It not only provides calm and clarity in stressful lives; it makes our interconnection a tangible, physical reality. Yoga trains us to care for all of life—because to do so is to care for ourselves.


Words work

Every major movement in history has been ignited with words, both spoken and written. Stories help us find meaning in life and celebrate our shared humanity. Whether told by our ancestors around the fire, or through digital books on mobile devices, they transmit information and spark possibility.

The books of our public education strategy inspire people to drop apathy, believe in a healthy world, and take steps in support of that. They include information about the crisis of the melting Arctic ice and the simple solution.

Discover our approach

We transform the world together.