Humanity’s greatest achievements happen when we focus on possibilities, not on limits. Everyone has the capacity to move beyond apparent blocks and obstacles. To those who say a global shift to renewable energy can’t be done, we say, “It’s easy. Here’s how.”

Renewable energy is the new normal. It’s affordable and sustainable. And it’s time.

Our way forward

Taking offshore Arctic oil and gas off the table forever catalyzes a faster pivot to renewable energy. We stop chasing limited resources that hurt us all in the long run. Instead, we support sustainable economic growth.

We have a limited time to stop choosing destructive energy. We can and we must change. And the power to do so is in our hands. MAPS logo with narwhal

MAPS: many issues, one solution

Parvati Foundation supports the Sustainable Development Goals. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, accelerates our global shift to affordable and clean energy, and our economic pivot to sustainability.


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