Wake-up calls can take many forms in our lives. At first they may be subtle, but if we disregard them they become louder, like an alarm clock that only gets louder every time we hit the snooze button and roll back over to sleep. All we need to do is look at Nature for proof. Our air pollution falls back down to Earth as acid rain. If the pollution continues, people become ill with respiratory diseases. If we still don’t change our ways, our skies become so choked with smog that the sun is no longer visible, children are kept home from school and people wear masks to go out in the street. The effects of exploitation of the melting Arctic Ocean are like this as well. As the weather-regulating ice melts and as it is damaged by ships, rainfall patterns around the world are affected, leading to droughts, floods and crop failures. The seas warm up, which fuels disastrous storms like Hurricane Dorian earlier this month. The alarms are ringing loud and clear.

The Status Quo Isn’t Working

The increased agitation and the acts of violence towards humans and Nature that continue to happen around the world are a sign of illness. They call each of us to awaken into a new way of being. The status quo is no longer working. Many of us seem to be at a breaking point—whether we are experiencing health issues, relationship crises or job problems. What if we could see all of this as grace?

Hunger for Peace and Clarity

I believe the gift of our breaking points is that they inspire our hunger for clarity and an end to suffering. This hunger is not warful or wrathful. That would only contribute to the heated mess we find ourselves in. The breaking point teaches us profound willingness to know no-thing, so that we become profoundly receptive to the grace that already is.

The issue is, in our personal defensiveness and attachments to suffering, we can be a bit like deflecting shields, even to grace.

What if, when you came to a breaking point, you allowed yourself to break open? Instead of trying to toughen up, what if you found the courage and serenity to know that you are already within grace, and let go of your ever-so-fixed sense of “me”? What might that feel like? What would you discover?

Hitting Bottom in Our Global Addiction

Feeling disconnected from love, we want. This wanting becomes a frenzy, that creates pain, then more pain. Making choices from disconnection, we end up perpetuating it. Disconnection is our collective global addiction. We all suffer from it.

Those who have worked an addiction recovery program speak of the need to “hit bottom”. Bottom is where the pain of our repeated behaviour becomes so great that it outweighs whatever benefit our ego gets from it. When this happens, the desire for another way awakens within and we become open, ready and willing to live differently. In this way, hitting bottom is grace.

If you would like to experience peace, try allowing yourself to hit the bottom of your disconnected behaviour. Let it be a breakthough, as you break open to the love the universe is already giving you – even in the love that is coming from my heart to you right now. By opening up, you might just find that there is a lot more love, light than you had previously noticed. The compassionate presence and grace that Nature showers upon us will never give up on you. It continues to call you home to the truth of our inherent interconnection.

Practice Inner Peace Now

Between now and next week, please ask yourself the following:
• Are there areas in my life that feel at a breaking point?
• What are they asking me to change?
• What are they asking me to open to?
• What might life look like if I allowed myself to open to them?
• What is the cost of not opening?
• What is the benefit of opening?
• Am I willing to open?

From my heart to yours,