Our Superpower To Personal And Global Health, Wealth And Creativity

What if you could work with an immensely powerful and skilled partner, one who could help you ensure that all you do supports not just your health, wealth and creativity, but the wellbeing of the entire world?

For Parvati, the founder and CEO of the all-volunteer international non-profit Parvati.org, who spearheads the establishment of the largest ocean preserve ever, this is a daily reality. Her upcoming book, dedicated to MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, shares how you can access this same power. In the leadup to the book’s release, the ongoing video series “Our Superpower” introduces how listening to Nature has inspired Parvati’s unprecedented creative and executive approach.

“Our Superpower” encourages people everywhere to reflect on their own relationship with Nature. Once we remember we are a part of Nature, we awaken our “superpower” to listening to and act in harmony with Nature’s wisdom. “Our Superpower” shows just how potent that listening can be, both for personal and global change.

James Gustave Speth, co-founder of the National Resources Defense Council, has said, “I used to think the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse and climate change…But I was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy….and to deal with those we need a spiritual and cultural transformation.”

“Our Superpower” is part of Parvati.org’s Global Education for MAPS (GEM), which addresses the problems Gustave Speth raises. GEM harnesses the exponential power of modern media to cool minds, lighten footprints, and awaken an inevitable call for MAPS. Everyone has the right to know that a healthy world is possible.

Parvati is an award-winning musician, author, yoga teacher and activist who gave the northernmost musical performance ever to raise awareness of the melting Arctic sea ice.

For millions of years, long before humans ever walked on Earth, the ice of the Arctic Ocean has protected our world, balancing the weather patterns that give us the food and resources we all need to survive. But today, it’s vanishing fast, putting all life at risk. MAPS is the only global initiative that addresses the urgent need to protect this vitally important ecosystem for our healthy future.

“Nature’s compassionate voice is continually calling us to remember that we are inherently interconnected with it and each other,” says Parvati. “When we do so, the choice to take action that benefits all life becomes effortless. Nature is available to co-create with us for the good of all. We simply need to listen.”

Find out more about Our Superpower at Parvati.org.