On this International Day of Yoga, yogis everywhere are standing united for one common goal: to protect all life on Earth with MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. Yogis Unite for MAPS makes it easy to put yoga into practice by becoming part of the spectacular MAPS movement to save lives, safeguard homes and amplify peace. Its spokespersons include key influencers in the yoga community including Seane Corn, Deva Premal, Eoin Finn and Yogis Unite founder Parvati.

The Arctic Ocean is our planet’s air conditioner and life support. Its ice regulates the weather that gives us the food and water we all need to survive. But with the ice melting fast, the Arctic Ocean is under attack from businesses and governments that seek to exploit its open waters. The devastating consequences of a compromised Arctic Ocean are global: more natural disasters, food shortages, crop failures, poverty, disease, rising sea levels, mass migration and ever-increasing suffering worldwide. This is an under-reported ecological and humanitarian crisis that is affecting all life on Earth, right now. Over 21,000 scientists from 184 countries have warned humanity in an open letter that “soon it will be too late to shift course away from our failing trajectory, and time is running out.”

But there is an effective and immediate response: MAPS, which protects the entire Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle from exploitation. MAPS turns this precious and vulnerable ecosystem into the largest preservation area in history. By taking Arctic oil off the table for good, MAPS will accelerate a global shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies. As countries come together to realize MAPS by signing the MAPS Treaty, an addendum to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, our world moves from short-term individual gain to long-term collective good. This expression of unity is in itself an act of yoga.

As a longtime yoga teacher and the creator of YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine, Parvati.org Founder and CEO Parvati knew the yoga community would naturally align with the objectives of MAPS. This sparked her vision for Yogis Unite. Inspired by MAPS, Corne, Premal and Finn have joined Parvati in affirming their inherent interconnection with all life, and their commitment to the global importance of creating the world’s largest sanctuary in the Arctic Ocean.

To support the rapidly growing Yogis Unite movement, Parvati.org has also launched yogisunitemaps.org. In addition to featuring a video with the above influencers, the website describes how all yogis can support the realization of MAPS by joining Yogis Unite, and offers customized options for yoga teachers, yoga students and event organizers.

Yogis Unite is a key part of Parvati.org’s Global Education Strategy (GES), the heartbeat of its plan to realize MAPS now. We no longer have time to depend on traditional methods of activism alone. GES generates the necessary international momentum for MAPS by harnessing the exponential power of modern media to penetrate, permeate and pervade global awareness. It creates lasting transformation in the way we see ourselves, each other and our world.

Find out more about Yogis Unite and watch the video at yogisunitemaps.org.

Find out more about MAPS at parvati.org.


“Each one of us can be part of the solution to today’s global ecological and humanitarian crisis. As we cultivate cool minds and compassionate hearts through the practice of yoga, we support the cooling of the planet and the healing of all life. I am deeply grateful to yogis everywhere who have already joined the growing global movement of Yogis Unite for MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. As we choose the light of our nature and support others to do the same, we light up the world.”
– Parvati

“We need to recognize and take ownership for our interdependency, and recognize that if we are disordered we are going to inevitably destroy our planet. But when we are whole within ourselves the planet will also be healed and whole. Being a part of Yogis Unite is for me a no brainer. This is something I can speak to and want to speak to, and I hope that more yogis would also be willing to use their platform, whether they have five students or 5,000.”
– Seane Corn

“I am thrilled that MAPS has been created. Our generation has a chance to leave a healthy planet for the people coming in the next centuries. We can’t think in terms of short-term gains anymore. This is what MAPS is ultimately all about.”
– Eoin Finn