On Earth Day, African Volunteers Take a Strong Stand for the Arctic Ocean

On Earth Day, recognizing the critical global importance of a peaceful and pristine Arctic Ocean, volunteers across Africa are taking a strong stand for MAPS–the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

As the Earth’s air conditioning and life support system, the Arctic Ocean holds the key to our healthy future. But its ice is melting fast, and exploitative interests seek to exploit newly open waters which will only cause more harm. MAPS is an urgently needed, practical and effective response. It turns the Arctic Ocean into the largest protected area in history, for the sake of life everywhere. It also creates a global shift to sustainability on all levels and inspires a shift from short-term gain for a few to long-term good of all.

The all-volunteer organization, Parvati.org, saw the growing emergency in the Arctic Ocean and took the unprecedented step to draft an international treaty as an addendum to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The organization’s volunteers translated the MAPS Treaty into all six official languages of the UN and sent it to the leaders of all 193 member states. With the signatures of 99 nations, the Treaty takes effect. It will make all ocean waters north of the Arctic Circle an international peace park, free from exploitation and military activity.

With signatures from 99 countries, the MAPS Treaty enters into force, protecting all life on Earth for generations to come. It has already been signed by Samoa and the Cook Islands. The 54 African nations can immediately tip the scales in favour of MAPS by signing the Treaty en masse.

That’s the purpose behind the multiple Earth Day celebrations being held today in Benin, Kenya and Nigeria. Though African nations have contributed the least to the environmental and humanitarian crisis unfolding in our world, they face some of the most severe effects. And if one passionate team of volunteers have their way, African nations will lead the way to a healthy world with MAPS.

International Youth for MAPS Lead and MAPS Ambassador, Omesa Mokaya, says, “Earth Day is an important day that is meant to show solidarity with environmental conservation and inspire masses to acknowledge and appreciate the ecosystem services that we draw from nature that are requisite for our survival.”

“I am deeply grateful to our MAPS Ambassadors in Africa for their selfless service and dedication to MAPS,” says Parvati.org Founder and CEO, award-winning musician, author, and activist Parvati. “When the Arctic Ocean is under threat, all of life on the planet is at risk. MAPS must be declared immediately to protect not only the Arctic Ocean but the world. When the voices of people everywhere rise in unison to demand that our leaders sign the MAPS Treaty, MAPS will be declared for the good of all.”

Omesa adds, “I urge every person to act in protecting the only home we have. Planet Earth. All you need to do is to join MAPS Ambassadors across the world who are committed to ensuring MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, is achieved. MAPS offers a myriad of benefits ranging from ecological harmony and social cohesion, to peace and tranquility, that are essential for our existence on Earth. MAPS is a practical response to a complex ecological and humanitarian crisis that will unfold if we watch and do nothing. MAPS is the future of the planet.”