EarthX, Largest Environment Expo, Features MAPS, Largest Ocean Preserve

The largest annual environment exposition and conference in the world is featuring the largest conservation area the Earth has ever seen. MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, is prominent this weekend at EarthX in Dallas, Texas. MAPS is an unprecedented global intervention to respond to today’s humanitarian and ecological crisis resulting from the melting of Arctic sea ice. This initiative fits perfectly with EarthX’s mission to educate and inspire actions for a more sustainable future worldwide.

For thousands of years, the Arctic Ocean has safeguarded all life on Earth from an overheated planet, but today it faces unprecedented threat. As its ice disappears at an alarming rate, businesses and governments are moving in to exploit it. To protect the Arctic Ocean for the good of all, created the MAPS Treaty, translated it into the six official languages of the UN, and mailed it to the leaders of all 193 UN member states. The MAPS Treaty establishes the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle as the largest marine protected area in history—free from commercial fishing, natural resource exploitation, seismic testing, military activity and through-shipping traffic. Two world leaders have already signed the MAPS Treaty, and more signatures are expected soon. To establish MAPS has developed a global education strategy to melt the hearts of millions which is critical to keeping our world cool. The strategy educates and activates people of all nations to urge world leaders to sign the MAPS Treaty immediately to protect all life on Earth.

EarthX attracts more than 138,000 attendees, 2,000 environmental leaders, 700 exhibitors, and 400 speakers. This year’s EarthX takes place April 2628, 2019 in Dallas, TX and Dr. Karen Ho, member of’s Board of Directors, will be there to represent MAPS.

The Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) is hosting the Island Resilience Forum at EarthX and has invited Dr. Ho to discuss how MAPS supports United Nations Sustainable Goal 13: Climate Action. The GLISPA Leaders, the Presidents of Palau and Seychelles as well as the Prime Minister of Grenada, are working to build resilient and sustainable island communities. This is where MAPS comes in. Island nations are particularly vulnerable to the effects of a heating, exploited Arctic Ocean. Loss of sea ice and warmer Arctic air temperatures contribute to the melt of land ice, which raises sea levels around the world. MAPS protects the Arctic Ocean, our planet’s air conditioner, for the sake of all.

Dr. Ho’s attendance at EarthX will be bittersweet. She is there in place of of Darcy Belanger,’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, who was scheduled to attend again this year, but who tragically died last month on Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. He had been en route to the UN Environment Assembly in Kenya. Dr. Ho says, “I am very honoured to be representing the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary at EarthX. This summit brings together so many great ideas and strong advocates for the health of our planet and oceans, and MAPS is most fitting. It is also poignant that Darcy was presenting MAPS at last year’s EarthX, and I am humbled to be carrying forth the torch.”

EarthX organizers have also requested that present a video tribute to Darcy during the Rachel Carson Ocean Banquet, which will be followed by a period of silence. The Founder and CEO of and award-winning musician, activist, and author Parvati will narrate the video.

“With Darcy’s instrumental help, my vision for MAPS has become an unstoppable global movement with charities in the US, Canada and Europe, international law in the making, 48 coalition partners, representation in 24 countries, growing youth initiatives, and multiple exciting campaigns unfolding,” says Parvati. “We at are gutted at the loss of one of our initial members and are still catching our breath. But MAPS lives on and will be realized.”