Yogis Unite for MAPS

Yoga practitioners of all levels around the world are invited to be part of a transformative movement for a peaceful, healthy planet.

MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, creates the biggest peace park in history: the entire Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle. It is the only global initiative that addresses the urgent need to protect the earth’s own cooling system – the Arctic sea ice – to help stabilize the planet’s climate and sea levels for our healthy future.

For millions of years, long before humans ever walked on Earth, the ice of the Arctic Ocean has protected our world. But today, it’s vanishing fast, putting all life at risk. With MAPS, we can protect this critical ecosystem before it’s too late.

MAPS was sparked by the award-winning Canadian yogini and musician Parvati, who gave the northernmost musical performance ever when she traveled to the North Pole to raise awareness of the melting polar ice. Everyone she met in the Arctic urged her to tell the south the ice was melting, animals were dying and people were suffering. After she returned, she founded the all-volunteer, Canadian and American charitable organization Parvati.org, whose goal is a healthy world. Its first order of business is MAPS.

“Today’s threats to the Arctic Ocean are greatly underreported,” says Parvati. “I saw a problem causing immense global suffering—and it is getting worse every day. I could not look away, any more than I could ignore an injured part of my own body. Since we are all affected by it, we can all be part of the solution. ”

Parvati.org has made tremendous strides to realize MAPS, including an international treaty which has already begun to be signed by the nations of the world. MAPS has also been endorsed by environmental luminaries such as renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and revered oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, as well as the ecological activist Julia Butterfly Hill. Now, Parvati.org is empowering the yoga community to become leaders for MAPS with guided classes and supporting materials from posters to presentations to music.

The word yoga literally means union. “Yoga was integral to my trip to the North Pole,” says Parvati. “It shows us that we are all connected. What I do affects you. What you do affects me. We breathe the same air; we rely on the same Earth. What happens in the Arctic affects us all. I felt the urgency to give voice to what was happening and why it matters. It was an expression of karma yoga, the yoga of action. In the same way, MAPS is also an expression of karma yoga. So the yoga community, hundreds of millions strong, is a natural voice for MAPS. To speak up for MAPS is to speak up for peace, compassion and interconnection.”

“Today, Nature and people worldwide are hurting, heating and agitated. Let’s unite as yogis for MAPS and give our world the sanctuary it needs. Together, we can make a massive difference for all life everywhere.”

Find out more about YOGIS UNITE at yogisunitemaps.org.