April 3, 2017 – For Immediate Release

Dwindling Arctic sea ice is causing problems all over the world, including severe global weather events like changes in average rain patterns leading to floods or droughts, more intense storms, heat waves and wildfires. Now, researchers have uncovered another devastating effect: increased air pollution in eastern China. It’s just another reason the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is so urgently needed to help the polar ice regenerate.

In the winter of 2013, Beijing and other eastern Chinese cities became blanketed in a heavy smog that forced school, highways, and airports to close and contributed to at least 90,000 deaths. The culprit? Melting Arctic sea ice. In the fall of 2012, record lows of sea ice preceded high snowfalls across Siberia, which altered weather patterns in eastern China. Monsoon wind currents that normally ventilate eastern China were pushed towards Japan instead, leaving eastern China with stagnant air that accumulated hazardous particulate matter.

“We are all interconnected. The health of the Arctic sea ice affects us all, in more ways than we may yet realize,” says Parvati.org founder Parvati Devi. “For the sake of everyone and every living thing on the planet, MAPS must be realized immediately.”

For thousands of years, the Arctic ice cap has reflected the sun’s rays, protecting humanity from an overheated earth. Now, it’s our turn to protect the Arctic Ocean. The whole world community must come together in support of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.

MAPS establishes the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle as a permanent international marine protected area free from commercial fishing, natural resource exploitation, seismic testing, military activity and through shipping traffic. It compels a faster shift to renewable energy, helps the melting polar ice (and endangered marine mammal populations there) to regenerate, and stabilizes the weather patterns that make our planet livable.

Citizens of all nations are urged to sign and share the MAPS petition at http://parvati.org.