Dr. Jane Goodall Endorses Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary

The esteemed scientist and UN Messenger of Peace, Dr. Jane Goodall, has added her support to the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

“Humans have the most highly developed intellect of any species yet in the name of progress we are exploiting the natural resources of our planet and destroying the complex web of life with no thought for future generations,” Dr. Goodall says. “The oceans are not only rich in biodiversity, but also play a major role in regulating temperatures: we continue harming and polluting them at our peril. It is thus hugely important to establish the proposed Sanctuary for preserving the unique arctic flora and fauna and thus helping to slow down climate change at this critical time.”

MAPS is the only global initiative that addresses the urgent need to protect the earth’s very own cooling system – the Arctic ice cap – to help stabilize the planet’s weather patterns and sea levels. Arctic sea ice has protected humanity for thousands of years by keeping the earth cool and must remain undisturbed as we transition to sustainable solutions for energy. To prevent this key climate-regulating region from becoming exploited, which would only exacerbate extreme weather phenomena and worrisome social issues around the world, Parvati.org created the international MAPS Treaty. The MAPS Treaty has been translated into all official UN languages, provided to all 193 UN member states, and been shared with officials at COP21 and COP22.

“We are deeply and humbly grateful for Dr. Goodall’s support for MAPS and for her lifelong, exceptional work in helping people understand the value of nature,” says Parvati.org founder, Canadian musician, yogi and activist Parvati Devi. “The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty is an essential intervention in the climate crisis we face, while preserving the Arctic’s rich flora and fauna, and all life on earth.”

MAPS: The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary must be realized to protect our planet today, and for generations to come.