October 12, 2016 – For Immediate Release

Parvati.org founders and Climate Reality Leaders trained by Al Gore, wrap up successful missions to Asia and Europe laying the groundwork for NOW: New Organic World and the star-studded MAPS concert, two major upcoming events that will catalyze global support for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS).

Rishi Deva, President of Kupid’s Play Records, attended “All That Matters” in Singapore, where he connected with leaders from multiple industries to get their sign-on for MAPS. In London, Rishi met up with chart-topping musician Parvati, founder of Parvati.org. Together, they have begun building out the production team which includes luminaries such as Sir Elton John’s producer Chris Porter.

The Arctic Ocean is one of the most pristine and vulnerable ecosystems on the planet. It is home to a wide range of marine life including several endangered species. It is also unprotected. It’s time to change that.

MAPS is a movement and a one-day internationally broadcast, star-studded concert to raise global awareness and support in declaring the Arctic Ocean north of the Arctic Circle the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. It will take place in London, in September 2017.

To support this global initiative, Parvati.org is partnering with Kupid’s Play Records to produce  a multi-tiered series of events. NOW: New Organic World is an invitation to inquire more deeply into the nature of reality, self and the earth. NOW will feature dignitaries and celebrities and will amplify global enthusiasm to address climate change.

The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary boldly addresses many key and pivotal climate crisis issues with one single, no cost, immediately realizable solution.

MAPS not only:

  • Protects the fragile Arctic ecosystem, which is key to keeping our planet cool and helping prevent natural disasters such as forest fires, floods and droughts
  • Shelters our oceans and ocean life, which absorb a quarter of the world’s carbon and are essential for the future of humanity
  • Safeguards the polar ice caps, which put the brakes on global warming through the albedo effect, by stopping through traffic

MAPS also:

  • Declares our global commitment to sustainable energies and our cessation of the use of fossil fuels by saying “no” to the unburnable oil resources in the Arctic
  • Unites world leaders in agreement that the needs of the collective are equal to the needs of the individual, no longer putting short-term gain ahead of long-term consequence

In late 2015, Parvati.org created the international Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) Treaty, translated into the six official United Nations (UN) languages, and distributed to the heads of government of all member nations of the UN for their formal endorsement. Parvati.org is in ongoing dialogue with world governments considering the Treaty.

“The health of the Arctic Ocean affects the climate of the entire planet,” says Parvati. “All lives on earth depend on healthy polar ice caps, which are rapidly melting. NOW and the MAPS concert will help illuminate the reality of our inherent interconnection with the environment. This is key to making the global shift needed to stop climate change.”