WELCOME is in service toward a healthy environment and healthy people so that we have a healthy world. One of the ways this takes shape is through helping to stop seismic testing and oil exploration in the Arctic Ocean.
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2605, 2016 Celebrates Total SA Decision to Avoid Arctic Oil and Gas

May 26th, 2016|

May 26, 2016 - For Immediate Release Canadian environmental not-for-profit celebrates Total SA’s decision to avoid oil and gas exploration and development in the Arctic ice p ack. In a strategic paper released in the leadup to its May 24, 2016 AGM, Total acknowledged the “2ºC scenario highlights the fact that a part of the world’s fossil fuel resources cannot be developed” and confirmed it does “not conduct oil exploration or production operations in the Arctic ice pack.” “This was the right decision to make. The health of the Arctic Ocean affects the climate of the entire planet. There is no true profit to be made by [...]

505, 2016

The Northwest Passage Was Never Meant For This

May 5th, 2016|Tags: , , |

The peaceful Arctic waters known as the Northwest Passage, already under stress due to the catastrophic acceleration of global warming and the loss of polar ice, are facing a new threat. Many nations and international shipping companies seek to profit from an ice-free Arctic by using it as a shortcut between Asia and Europe. The Arctic Ocean is a crucial and vulnerable ecosystem and exploiting it in this way is catastrophically short-sighted. As sea levels rise all over the world, we need to stop the melting, not capitalize on it. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) must be declared immediately to protect this sensitive region and put the [...]

2204, 2016

Canadian Musician And Activist Parvati Uses The Power Of Music To Bring Climate Mission To Millions

April 22nd, 2016|Tags: , , , |

Award-winning, chart-topping Canadian musician Parvati is raising international awareness of the need for the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) through an innovative marketing strategy with her new Celestial Pop single “I Am Light”, now reaching millions of households in Asia on Top 40 radio and TV. At the end of the song’s music video, as well as in radio and TV pre-recorded messages, Parvati encourages fans to support MAPS, as climate change affects everyone. She says, “When we know that we are light, we keep our footprint on the planet light. We are one Earth family.” Chris Porter, producer to David Bowie, says, “Parvati is a unique phenomenon [...]

1204, 2016 Celebrates WWF’s Lawsuit Challenging Shell’s Questionable 40-Year Old Permits

April 12th, 2016|Tags: , , , , | is pleased to endorse World Wildlife Fund Canada’s official court challenge to the validity of Shell Canada’s decades-old oil and gas permits that have been delaying the creation of a national marine park in Canada’s East Arctic. Last fall, conducted extensive research questioning the permits’ validity and shared its findings widely with Canadian NGOs, including WWF-Canada and Greenpeace. In October, 2015, obtained a copy of one of Shell’s permits, which appeared to have expired in 1979. Legal counsel for researched the legislative context for the permit, engaged in an email dialogue with the senior government official responsible asking for evidence of continued validity, and [...]